About Us

Sheridan Billiards began in Sheridan, Colorado which is a small suberb of Denver, Colorado. We deal in new, used and pre-owned, and antique pool tables and gamroom accessories. We also service existing pool tables in Denver, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

A few things you should know about us...we aren't a big and fancy pool table store. We don't have any high pressure, full-time sales people on staff. We restore our pool tables on-site, and we are experts on refinishing and restoring pool tables.

Our History

Sheridan Billiards began in 2010, which was shortly after the recession of 2008-2009. Consumer confidence was at an all-time low and billiard companies were closing their doors right and left.

The housing market was in chaos and there were a ton of used pool tables for sale. We immediately began buying these pre-owned pool tables and selling them for a fraction of the price of new.

Dealing with used pool tables is a win-win-win for everyone. We're able to give the previous owner money for their table, we're able to save the buyer 50% or more off retail, and we make a little money in the process. We also like the fact that we're reconditioning something that already exisits...we're not using any new raw materials to build it. This gives us an extremely low carbon footprint.

As our business developed, we began restoring the pool tables back into factory condition; meaning, we completly changed the wood finish on the table, add new rubber cushions, new pockets and new felt. Many of the used tables on the market are from the early 2000's when golden oak furniture was all the rage. However, today, most people prefer darker finishes and less wood grain. By stripping off the old finish and updating the table, we were able to meet the market demands and our business continued to improve.

We also buy, sell and restore antique pool tables as well. This isn't a big part of our business, but we love bringing these really old tables back to life.

We offer sales and service in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Denver.

We also offer highly discounted prices on new pool tables. We buy directly from the manufacturer, eliminating the middle man which allows us to offer extrodinary discounts on our pool tables. We encourage you to compare our quality and prices to our competitors.

Our business model is to keep costs as low as possible so we can keep our prices as low as possible.

Our showroom is by appointment only.

We meet individually with each customer either by phone or in one of our showrooms.