Is your room big enough for a pool table?

As a general rule, you need 5 feet around the pool table (which is the length of an adult pool cue). Also, make sure you are measuring from the playing surface and not the outside of the pool table.

For 8 foot table has a playing surface of 88" x 44"; that's 7.3ft x 3.6ft. So, the room should be 17.3ft long x 13.6' wide.

If your room isn't quite large enough, you can substitute shorter cues depending on the area. Almost every room has a short spot, so don't write off getting a pool table just because your room isn't the perfect size.

Our best advice - It's always better to put a smaller table that fits well in a room, versus forcing a larger table into a smaller room. If the table fits well in the room, you'll have more fun and the table will get played more often.

Here's a funny video we created on room size...